I’m so excited your child is interested in

Kids and Teens Sewing Classes.

Students as young as 8 are able to learn to sew with success

through a carefully designed curriculum and personalized support.

Through sewing your child

will not only learn the skills to make clothing, accessories, and decor they will also gain practical skills like problem-solving, goal setting, hand-eye coordination, math and reading practice, confidence, and lasting friendships.

(But don’t tell them that! They will just think they’re having fun!)

Each class is 90 minutes and uses a guided workbook and skill-appropriate patterns. A sewing machine and tools will be provided in the studio.

Students will be responsible for purchasing fabric and notions needed to complete their projects.

The current class schedule for Fall 2021


Teens 13-18 yo 3-430 pm

Kids 8-12 yo 4:30-6 PM (FULL)


Teens 13-18 yo 3-4:30 pm

Kids 8-12 yo 4:30-6 PM (FULL)


Teens 13-18 yo 3-4:30 pm

Kids 8-12 yo 4:30-6 pm (FULL)


Kids 8-12 yo 10 am-12:30 pm

Teens 13-18 yo 12:30- 2 pm

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Your application will be reviewed, and we will be in contact shortly.

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